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What is antiSurvival?

Most people are living in some form of Survival Mode – bouncing through life making decisions out of obligation or as a reaction to something. There’s not a lot of power here, it feels like something other than you is dictating how your life will go. Like your life is controlling you.

antiSurvival Mode is when you are living from a place of power, choosing how your life will go, proactively and intentionally designing your world. It’s when you are defining your own path, creating your own journey.

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Here's what real {awesome} people say about working with me.


Hair Stylist

Sunni holds space for others to discover themselves. Her style is gentle, I’ve always felt supported and inspired by her vulnerability and honesty.



Professional Entertainer

Sunni is the perfect blend of spirituality and practicality. I’m always able to apply our work to my everyday life in a very practical way.




Somehow, within minutes of our meeting, Sunni tapped into something. She helped me eliminate old beliefs and patterns and define a path to true, lasting abundance for myself and my family.



Software Sales Rep

Sunni cut through all the noise, allowing me to identify what is most important to me. Thanks to the clarity I found I’m no longer second-guessing myself!



Health Coach

Working with Sunni is like tapping into a non-judgemental, kind, yet unfailingly honest and insightful human super brain. I highly recommend her!

Let me guess, you don't have time ...


Lessons, inspirations, observations.

Embrace the Grinch

I’m just going to come out and say it… Sometimes, in some ways, the holidays are hard. Sure it’s a time for family, faith, community and giving. They can be warm and cozy, for sure. It’s Read more…



I’ve been in this interesting inquiry lately: What does it mean to be an adult?  It was initially sparked by this new word everyone is using adulting – the verb form of adult. I thought it was just Read more…


Meditation as a Tool

People are incorporating more holistic practices and mindfulness practices into their daily lives. Meditation has become a buzz word and for many, the notion of meditation is collapsed with spirituality. At it’s core, meditation is a Read more…

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