I really believe that you have a unique journey, that there isn’t a magical formula for success that works for everyone. I am very open and vulnerable in my sharing in hopes that it inspires others, and yet I would never advise someone to ‘do it this way, because it worked for me’.

For this reason, I use a variety of methods to inspire and guide you. I offer Online Group Programs, Online Community and 1:1 Mentorship.

I create a custom agreement with each of my 1:1 Mentees. My 1:1 clients want a deeply personal journey and know that they need the accountability and structure offered by working with a Mentor. We work together for a minimum of 6 months and create a structure that works for you and your circumstances.

Life Assessment

I’m not the right fit for everyone, to test the waters and see if we want to play together, and to give you a taste of my style, I recommend that you start with my Life Assessment. Learn more about it and the value it promises over here. It’s consists of a 20 min online questionnaire and a 45 min call with me to go over the results. 90% of people say that they leave this call with a new clarity and at least three, clear actions they can take to create a life they love.

Life Map

You are an expert on your life. You are the only one who knows what is right for you, what is next for you, where you want to go from here.

When life becomes overwhelming it can become difficult to see things clearly, there’s just so much noise. Everywhere you look there are obligations, to friends, family, yourself, society. Thanks to technology, there is so much coming at you, the news, social media, emails, texts. What you need is a bit of clarity.

With a background in project management and strategy and experience in a variety of spiritual modalities, I’m masterful at building roadmaps for life. I bring the gift of an outside perspective and, through a series of sessions, we extract all of your desires and organize them in a way that allows you to take action and begin designing a life you love.

The best way to start this process is with a Life Assessment.