ˈriCH(o͞o)əl/ noun
1. a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a set order.

I’ve never thought of myself as ‘routine oriented’, however, I’m realizing that I have micro-routines. Rituals really. There’s something grounding and calming about doing things in the same order daily. I have a morning ritual that involves an elixir, gratitude, intention setting, meditation and stretching. I have a bedtime ritual that involves a chat with my Partner, reading, games, music and meditation.

Since going nomadic my most precious ritual is Creating a Sacred Space.

My Spiritual time took me to a stream in a Redwood Forrest

For years now I’ve had a weekly spiritual practice where I set aside one day a week to focus on soul expansion, typically Sunday. On this day I do not work and I spend at least a couple of hours doing some activity that expands and feeds my soul. Sometimes I go to a spiritual center, church or group meditation, other times I go hiking or to the beach and meditate. I also use this day to clear out my space, this could mean cleaning my physical home, my calendar, my computer, cleaning up some relationships – whatever I need to do to go into the upcoming week feeling light, empowered and aligned. I also sage my home and work with my meditation beads, stones and crystals.

I maintain this spiritual practice as a nomad, it doesn’t always happen on Sunday, but one day each week I focus on soul expansion and cleaning my space. I noticed that I couldn’t expand my soul or clean my space until I was first grounded, so I added a ritual to ground in each house I stay in.

Every time I arrive at a new house I use this ritual to declare the space as my Home, a safe and supportive space, and lay out a Sacred Space for myself. To do this, I always pack my Woo Woo Bag, a small bag containing spiritual tokens and tools.

Now, this may be too Woo Woo for you…so, don’t do it my way, make it your own! Perhaps you’re catholic and you use prayer and a small statue of Mother Mary. The actual items, and even the motions, aren’t where the juice is.

The juice is in the intent.

The intent behind the Creating a Sacred Space Ritual is to create a relationship with the space I call home in a way that has me feel safe and connected.

I start by clearing the space.

Sage smudge stick

I burn dried sage. Many people use sage to cleanse and usher out bad energy. Sage does this naturally so I allow the herb to its thing and I focus on bringing in the good. Before I went nomadic I used a smudge stick, now I carry loose dried sage leaves. As it smokes I speak my intention for the space. If possible I do the entire home, at the least I do my bedroom. Typically the intentions I create for my bedroom include Peace, Connection, Relaxation, Joy, Safety, Coziness, Love. For the kitchen I might say Laughter, Nourishment, Community.

If this is too Woo Woo for you, you may try simply walking through the house and praying over each space, or expressing gratitude.

The intent is to get connected to the space you’re calling home.

Then I set up my Sacred Space.

My Sacred Spot in Oakland, CA

I have a small collection of stones and crystals I travel with that I lay out. I set up a small oil infuser, a wooden deity that I bought at a temple in Thailand and lay out my two mala beads along with my traveling succulent plant. If I’m staying awhile I might lay out a scarf or hang a small strand of Tibetan prayer flags. When I look at these things they make me feel grounded.

If this is too Woo Woo for you, there are many other objects you could use. Anything that you associate with your spirituality. It could be a cross, Bible or Koran, even a photo of your family. It’s the intent.

That’s it.

The whole ritual takes me about 5 minutes.

It’s a small thing, yet it brings me much comfort and makes a big difference in my ability to relate to each new bed as Home. It gives me a physical location to return to in order to ground my metaphysical self and stay aligned and connected as I roam this planet.

Even if you live in a space permanently, reacquainting weekly will help you not take your space for granted and get connected in a whole new way.

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