There is strange sort of vibe in the air each January, isn’t there?

There is a sort of calm after the storm effect as we get back to ‘normal’ from the hubbub of the holidays.  Which is probably why I always get this song stuck in my head this time of year (you’re welcome, by the way).

For some people, this return to reality is a relief as the chaos of the holidays is draining for them. For others, it’s difficult to slow the pace after the emotional rush of the holidays leading to a lull.

Culturally January is a time for resolutions, for starting new things.

75% of people set a new year’s resolution. The top three resolutions are some variation of ‘get healthy’ accounting for over 50% of resolutions. Over 92% of new year’s resolutions are abandoned by March.

In January all of the ads are geared toward ‘New Year, New You’. In the entrepreneurial and business circles everyone is talking about annual planning and setting their goals for the coming year.

I am ALL about goals. I LOVE planning things. If you’ve ever heard me talk about goals, planning or strategy you know I’m likely understating just how much I love these things.

However, I think the reason resolutions fail has nothing to do with goals or planning. I think it has to do with your Intention and timing. December 21, 2017 was the first day of Winter meaning January, the first month of the year, is also Winter.

Energetically winter is a time for hibernation. It’s cold. It’s a time for introspection. In the autumn we shed our leaves (ideas, accomplishments) and in winter we gather and conserve energy so that come spring we can sprout new seeds, ideas, projects.

This juxtaposition of the culture and the seasons can lead to a strange vibe.

Consider aligning to the energetic pull of our planet this year and consider the seasons in your goal setting and planning.

Follow your own intuition and guidance on where to focus as each season unfolds. To get you started, here are my recommendations.

The Winter months (Jan – March) are most effectively spent in introspection. The energy is moving very slowly, this time is ideal for hibernating, for getting your house in order. Ideal activities this time of year are:

  • Journaling
  • Self Development work
  • Budget/Expenses review (gets you prepped for tax season too)
  • Baby steps in establishing new healthy habits
  • Clarify your priorities
  • If you own a business this is a great time to:
    • Capture testimonials
    • Review and refine internal processes
    • Maintain existing relationships

The Spring months (April – June) are ideal for creation. This is when things are starting to bloom and blossom, energy is starting to speed up making this a great time to start new things. Here are ideal activities cleansing:

  • Cleanse your space based on your new priorities
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Start a new wellness plan
  • Set goals and make plans
  • If you own a business:
    • Networking, list build, make new contacts
    • Launch a new product
    • Hire new resources

The Summer months (July – Sept) are ideal for execution. This is when energy has momentum and when things are most stable.

  • Execute projects
  • Focus on sustaining habits
  • Nurture relationships
  • Enjoy nature
  • If you own a business focus on:
    • Consistency in tracking goals and progress
    • Executing big projects and campaigns
    • Preparing internally for the success to come

The Autumn months (Oct – Dec) are often the juiciest as this is when the harvest happens. Energy has mature and we see the fruits of our labors.

  • The last push to get your goals met (before Winter energy sets in)
  • Notice where your hard work is paying off
  • Enjoy the results of your hard work
  • Prepare energetically for the holidays and the Winter hibernation period
  • If you own a business focus on:
    • Meeting your sales goals
    • Processing all of the new business and sales you’re getting as a result of your Summer work
    • Preparation for the slow Winter months

I know, there are a million outside influences that don’t always make it possible to align to the seasons. And, our planet has a big impact on our lives.

There are other earth-based cycles that may call to you as well. I’ve realized massive benefits from aligning to the lunar cycle. I have a client who swears that different times of the day carry different energy for them.

The key is to notice, to play with it and to take the natural cycles around you into account. Try aligning to the planet, even just a little bit, and see what that shift creates in your headspace and your results over the coming year.

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