Take the wheel,

learn to drive your own life.

The way your life goes,

how it feels to be you,

the impact your actions make,

your response to those around you….

All of these things are driven by the choices you make every single moment.

Choices big and small have an impact.

Learning how to distinguish those choices and then, what to consider when making them – that’s the game.

When we’re not in the game we find ourselves in survival mode, reacting to the world around us, making choices out of obligation.

To Choose You, to choose alignment with your inner and higher Self, that takes something.

Living a Choice Driven Life requires effort, intentionality and often, a guide. Someone to reflect yourself back to you, to remind you of who you are and what you’re capable of.

That’s where I come in.

To live a Choice Driven Life, you must learn how to Drive.

Driving School is a work in progress, which means those who join now will get to influence where this project goes and really weigh in on what it looks like.

Here is what I know so far:

Driving School will provide structure, guidance and community for you.

Each month I/we will select a new topic, a new catalyst to aid in inquiry, raising self awareness in noticing where you have choice and deciding how you will handle those choices. All with a choose your own adventure vibe. Meaning, as with all my programs, you do it your way.

It will (probably) include:

  • Monthly Interactive Video Chat Group Sessions. I think we’ll use zoom, they will last about an hour and be recorded for those who can’t attend live. This is where we’ll kick off our topic for the month.
  • Weekly Content with Structure and Exercises. The delivery mechanism depends on how many commit early on. If we’re a small group it will be email, if we’re at least 8 then I will get us a snazzier online learning app to use!
  • Each month the content will touch on experiential learning, intellectual learning and development of emotional intelligence and spiritual alignment.
  • Online Community. You will have access to a space where there will be heavily curated content to support your exploration of the monthly topic as well as engaged conversation so that we can all learn from each other. Because, let’s be real, you are your own teacher, I’m just the reminder.

The launch price for this monthly subscription Driving School will be $60.

That’s just $2 a day to get to know yourself more deeply.  You will pay monthly via an auto pay system and can cancel at any time.

Right now I’m taking early enrollment to ensure your spot, guarantee your opportunity to participate in co-creating the details of the program (timing, topics, etc) and give me the motivation to keep building this Idea. To hold your spot is a subscription of $12/month until Driving School launches in January of 2020. Between now and then I’ll be creating the content, giving our early subscribers some bonuses, getting your feedback to make sure this will work for you, and providing you with support to ensure you’re set up for success to start first thing next year.

How perfect, to begin the year 2020, with a program designed to help you take all of your lessons and hindsight and set your vision on creating your future?

To launch Driving School we need 8 students to commit, by October 15th.

The first 8 people to enroll, will also get a {free} 1 hour session with me where we’ll discuss your personal journey and how we can customize Driving School to ensure it fits your immediate needs.

The biggest investment you need to be prepared to make comes in the form of your time. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week in Driving School. To get the most out of your participation you will want to build up to spending a bit of time daily. Keep in mind, this is all time invested in your Self. And, this is the part that will be the most challenging for most.

List of possible brainstormed topics that could be covered on any given month include:

  • Connecting Mind, Body & Soul
  • Honing Intuition
  • Overcoming Guilt
  • Are Destiny or Fate Real?
  • Chakra Basics
  • Practical Uses for Love Languages
  • Being Courageous
  • Reputation Management
  • Creating a Personal GPS
  • Boundaries
  • Money vs Prosperity
  • Law of Attraction
  • Energy Play
  • Minimizing
  • Practical Astrology
  • Exploring Values