Hello There! I’m Sunni.
(pronounced like sunny sunshine)

I genuinely love human beings. No, like, seriously. Humans fascinate me, all of you and everything about you.

photo credit: BGlossman

I’ve had this unusual, rich life that has allowed me to enjoy early success as a corporate strategist for Fortune 500 companies as well as explore many different spiritual and personal development modalities.

Supporting people in the practical application of personal development, self help and spiritual concepts is one of my superpowers.

See, you can read about a concept that maybe causes an insight or two and it becomes great information added to your head space and knowledge base. But to really have your life transform, to experience more freedom and design your own path through life, you have to figure out how to apply those concepts and integrate them into your being. I’m really good at helping with that last bit, the application. I provide structure, guidance and support for actually application of concepts. Which is awesome for me because I get to witness the transformation of my client’s lives.

Most of my ‘work time’ is invested consulting as a businesses strategist. The work I do through this endeavor, as an antiSurvival Guide, this is my passion project. This is my way to give back and participate in the global transformation that is happening.

photo credit: Haley Seppa

All of my pricing is based on Intuitive Guidance and is designed to ensure that working with me is accessible. I rarely give things away for free because I am a firm believer in the flow of energy and if I invest energy in creating something it’s important that you invest energy to receive it as a way to ensure we keep that flow going. With that said, I often barter and come up with creative agreements with my 1:1 clients. If you desperately want to work with me and financial resources is the only thing stopping you, please reach out, I’m willing to get creative if you are.

Some other random facts about me:

  • I was homeschooled
  • Watching people dance makes my heart happy
  • I grew up in a very traditional, Pentecostal, Christian home.
  • New Thought, Science of Mind, and Mystical Christianity are the modalities I prescribe to now.
  • I believe everyone is whole, complete and perfect – at all times.
  • Dad jokes and puns are the punniest (ha!)
  • My family is tight, I talk about my parents and siblings a lot, because they rock
  • I technically retired at 32 because I started young, worked hard and saved wisely
  • I’m incredibly transparent and open, you can ask me anything
  • Travel is a passion. 3 continents, 75+ countries, all 50 states, hundreds of cities
  • I’m a Dudeist Priestess and Reiki Master, sometimes I channel and do astrology readings
  • I’m terrified by lizards, it’s a true phobia, and yet alligators are my spirit animal
  • I spent 3 years as a full-time nomad, the last 6 months in deep study of American culture
  • I practice minimalism and have lived in a tiny house and even a car
  • I own my superpowers and (usually) confidently state what I’m good at and what I’m not
  • I identify as pansexual and polyamorous
  • We intend to become foster parents to teenagers
  • This cannot be overstated – I love human beings.
  • I’m a passionate, active, advocate for human rights, equity and equality
  • A dominant part of my journey is understanding my cis, white privilege and using it to be an ally
  • My life’s mission & purpose is to cultivate deep human connection through community

If you have questions about any of these things, or see things we have in common and you wanna jam – grab a spot on my calendar, let’s chat!

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Note: The majority of the photos I use are mine, taken by me and rights belong to me. I am committed to supporting the arts and always pay for stock photos, get permission, give credit etc. Please don’t use any photos seen on my site, blog, articles etc without reaching out to me first? It’s just good karma. Please and Thank you.