Group Online Programs

I create the structure and space for you to learn, however, you decide how deep to go.

Each program includes:

  • Scheduled emails with a lesson and suggested exercises
  • Video and audio lessons
  • Journaling assignments
  • Online community support
  • Regular group live Q&A sessions
  • Lots of resources and personalized support from me

Most people find that the act of participating in the Program is as valuable as the content provided due to the specific space, pace and vibe I create for the community.

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Crafting Intention: a 45 Day Journey

Setting goals and resolutions are awesome ways to motivate yourself to take action. However, without taking time to get clear on the intention behind the action, you’re missing an opportunity to be the most impactful version of yourself. I’ve set an annual intention for years and have guided many others through the process.

This Program is offered twice a year. In November so we complete aligned to the New Year, and again in March aligned to the first day of Spring. You can learn way more about this Program here.

Practical Self Awareness

There are so many approaches to increasing self-awareness, workshops, classes, books. The challenge I have with most of them is that they present a concept without practical, bite-sized ways to apply them. In this 12 week course we will explore the layers of relating to your self and your identify. This is truly a blend of my skills as we will be exploring spirituality, intuition and the woo-woo however I will be giving you very strategic, actionable ways to integrate and explore them.

This Program is offered every summer, details, dates and pricing will be available mid-May and we’ll start late June. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

Goals Workshop

Setting a realistic goal and then making it become a reality is a bit of an art form – and it’s one I can teach. Of all my Programs this is the most structured and the least woo-woo. We will go through picking an idea, setting effective goals and then making those goals a reality – together.

This Program is offered in the fall and has a slightly different structure than the others. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

Meditation Simplified

If you’ve never done it before meditation can seem very intimidating. I know when I first started I was thinking things like… How do I sit? What do I do with my hands? What do I think about? How long do I go for?

In the simplest terms, meditation is time spent alone with yourself, focusing your thoughts and energy on one thing.

You take time to practice the art of breathing and quieting that voice in your head, what I call the monkey mind so that you can focus and receive inspiration or peace or whatever you wish to experience.

This class is offered throughout the year, let’s talk if you’re interested.

Upon Request

There are several programs I do periodically upon request.

  • Learn your Limits (a conversation about boundaries)
  • Preparing for the love of your life
  • Chakras in a Digital World
  • Get un-busy
  • Significance over Success