What is an antiSurvival Guide?

Most people are living in some form of Survival Mode – bouncing through life making decisions out of obligation or as a reaction to some external thing. Something other than you is controlling your life’s journey. There’s not a lot of power here, it feels like your life, circumstances, other people’s decisions, {insert your personal frustration here}, something other than you is dictating your world.

antiSurvival Mode is when you are living from a place of empowerment, choosing how your life will go, proactively and intentionally creating your world. You are designing your own journey.

This is the home base for guidance in how to shift into, and live in, antiSurvival mode.

How does it work?

Well, there is no one answer for this.

In fact, consider yourself warned, there are no quick fixes here, no life hacks. No magical recipe or “exact steps” for you to follow.

Nope. Your life is unique, your path is distinctly yours and you friend will have to do the work to define it for yourself.

What is available is guidance and structure to support you in your journey.

There are many options, the best place to start is the Life Assessment, the outcome of which will be personalized recommendations for your next steps.

Sunni works with 90% of clients virtually, using phone and video chats to communicate.

*Important Side Note. I often use the word ‘God’ because it’s widely used in Western Culture. However, when I refer to God I could just as easily say Goddess, Allah, Divine, Buddha, Yahweh, the Universe, Jehovah, Spirit…you get the idea. In my world, these are all synonyms – whatever name you use to reference your Higher Power – mentally swap that out when I use the word ‘God’.

Own a Business?

Business is just one piece of the puzzle that is your life. As an Entrepreneur, you started your business to allow you freedom in your life, yet it’s so easy for your business to run your life. Consider looking at how you can shift your life and your business into antiSurvival Mode.

With 17 + year’s experience as a strategist for Fortune 500 companies and 5+ years working with small businesses Sunni blends her intuition with her strategic skills and help small businesses grow. Most people who work with her triple their revenue in the first year.

Check out the Strategy Assessment specifically for business owners, it may be a great starting point if you want to focus on that aspect of your life.